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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunburst Card Kit Instructions

The following are detailed instructions on how to assemble the Sunburst Card Kits.
Step 1.  Mark a half-way point on the coloured cardstock across the top and bottom.  Adhere glue to the entire coloured cardstock or a few rows of tape at the top, bottom and middle.  Place the first patterned paper on the coloured cardstock in the centre.  Place the next patterned paper to the right of the first patterned paper as shown.  Continue with the third & fourth patterned papers.


Step 2.  Repeat the same on the left hand side working from the centre until all 8 pieces of patterned papers are adhered to the coloured card stock.

Step 3.  Turn the patterned cardstock over.

Step 4. Using scissors, trim the excess patterned paper from the edge of the coloured cardstock.

Step 5.  Turn the patterned paper over and tape to the front of the card.


Step 6.  Stamp a sentiment on the white card stock. It's best to use a Stampin' Up! Stamp-a-majig to ensure the sentiment is aligned.  Tape the white card stock onto the card face.

Step 7.  Tape the ribbon onto the strip of cardstock.  Hint, use tape on the cardstock instead of the ribbon.  Use dimensionals on the back of the strip of cardstock and place on the card face covering the join of the white cardstock and the patterned paper.  Tape may also be used if you don't have dimensionals.

Step 8.  Finish the card by taping the cardstock to the inside of the card.

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